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Open Banking: Definition, How It Works, and Risks

What Is Open Banking? Open banking is also known as “open bank data.” Open banking is a banking practice that provides third-party financial service providers open access to consumer banking, transaction, and other financial data from banks and non-bank financial institutions through … Read More

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Free Banking in 25 Questions and Answers

The logical conclusion to be drawn from these facts would have been to do away with privileged banks altogether and to subject all banks to the rule of common law and the commercial codes that oblige everybody to perform contracts … Read More

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What Is Neobank?

Getty Traditional banking may bring to mind monolithic brick-and-mortars, malfunctioning ATMs and mountains of paperwork. Yet a new crop of non-bank fintech [financial technology] startups, known as neobanks, are combating these stereotypes in the form of digital-first—often, digital only—banking platforms … Read More

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Effective Product Promo Videos

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus vel metus nec sapien elementum aliquet. Suspendisse non dui sit amet est tincidunt volutpat eu non sem. Sed nulla tellus, semper ut vestibulum vitae, efficitur nec massa. Cras consequat velit vitae … Read More

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